Newsletter – 24th May 2021

 We wanted to start this week’s newsletter with a few thank-you’s after a busy but very enjoyable week last week. 

Firstly, thanks to everyone who ordered books from the Book Fair; we know it wasn’t quite the same as visiting the fair with your child and helping them choose a new book, but many of you supported us, and it was great seeing the children leave through the week with their new books tucked under their arms. We’ve not done all the maths yet, but each teacher is going to be able to choose at least 2 or 3 new books for the classes from the commission earned. 

Thanks also to the staff who gave up their Friday evenings and Saturday mornings to help supervise the Y6 residential, and especially Mrs Pease for organising the whole thing. Again, not quite the same as the two nights away from home we did pre-Covid, but I think the children had just as much fun (if not more) from the activities we did, and the chance to sleep over in the school hall. The children did us proud, showing teamwork, maturity, resilience and bravery throughout the day and night! 

Finally, thanks to everyone for signing up for the parent-teacher meetings, especially for persevering when the technology let us down. When we are able to have face-to-face meetings again, we will survey all parents to see whether you would like us to keep the online meetings as an option, as we know many of you like the flexibility of being able to meet from home, work or even the car! 

Could we remind everyone on the current situation regarding Covid 19 testing. If anyone in your family starts with symptoms, they must get a PCR test as soon as possible and everyone in the household should isolate until the result comes back. LFD tests cannot be used in school to give a negative result if symptoms are present. If your household is regularly using the LFD tests and a positive result is given, this should also be followed up by a PCR test and everyone should isolate until the result is back. This will help us ensure that where we have closed a bubble we would be able to get all children and staff back quicker in the event of a false positive. 

As the weather is so unpredictable at the moment, please make sure that children are bringing rain-proof coats to school if there is even the smallest chance of rain. If it is only light drizzle, children will be going out at playtime and lunchtime, so having a coat is essential. Likewise, on warmer days, please make sure your child has an appropriate water bottle with a sports cap. We continue to prefer children to only bring water in (as this is healthier for teeth for sipping through the day). If this is not possible please ensure that bottles are only filled with dilute juice and not pure fruit juice. 

After half-term we are hoping to be able to re-introduce some after-school clubs which we will let you know about on Friday’s newsletter. 

As always, if you have any further questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling the school office or by email. 

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