Newsletter Friday 16th April 2021

 The first thing we want to say this week is a huge well done to the children for coming back after the Easter Break and going straight into assessment week. We didn’t want to wait any longer because the teachers needed to look through the tests to find the areas of learning where the children had fallen furthest behind so we could plan to cover them this term. 

What the teachers are telling us is that the vast majority of the children have been so positive and hard-working in the tests and that the expected dip in attainment is nowhere near as big as we had feared and that the media is reporting. 

Walking around school this week we’ve also been so impressed by the behaviour and attitudes to learning of, again, the vast majority of the pupils. One area we’ve asked the children to look at is the presentation of their work, as over lock-down their handwriting and standards of presentation have dipped a bit, but the content of the work they are producing is of a high standard throughout school. 

Parents Meetings 

We will be having our next parents meetings during the week beginning May 17th and you will be getting a mini-report the week before so you will have an idea of where your child is currently, and what their next-step targets are. 

Trim Trail and after school timings 

This week we have had a few concerns about children before and after school using their Trim Trail and the field unsupervised. Please make sure if you bring your child up into school that they stay with you until the doors open. Any Y3 or Y4 children who are walking down to meet parents picking up younger siblings please note that from Monday we will keep them in class until just before 3.30pm as we have had a number of issues with children playing unsupervised on the field from 3.20pm to 3.30pm. We will be reminding the children that the Trim Trail is out of bounds before and after school every day. 


Our new certificates linked to the Dojos are up and running, with children colouring sections of their Rainbow Dojo Certificate as they reach different amounts of Dojos. When they have filled their certificate, they will be able to claim a prize from the new Prize Locker – all the prizes are from a list the children wrote in their classes. 

Ear Piercing 

If you are considering having your child’s ears pierced, please wait until the first few days of the summer holidays. If ears are pierced during term time children will be unable to do PE which is part of the curriculum, due to the healing period where you are unable to remove earrings. 

School Dinners 

As mentioned in a previous newsletter, unfortunately, with the rising costs of school dinners, we have had to take the decision to raise the cost of dinners to £2.20 from September 2021 (£11 per week). 

This means that we are still subsidising the cost of dinners and are in-line with, or below, the amount charged by other local schools. We are aware of the impact this may have on some families, so we wanted to give you as much notice as possible, and remind you that if your circumstances have changed you may be eligible for free school meals. Please follow the link below for more information and to apply; 

Imagination Gaming 

Next week we have Imagination Gaming working in school on Tuesday. Nigel will be in EYFS in the morning and then a KS2 class in the afternoon – they don’t know which class it is yet but it’s a reward for hard work and positive attitudes to learning. 

We also have Y5 tennis coaching continuing on Mondays, whilst rehearsals for the Y6 Summer Show continue (not that we’re looking forward to it, but the stage is already up!) 

Finally, we’d like to say thank you to everyone who donated an Easter egg to the food bank – they were very grateful and appreciated our continued support. 

As always, if you want to discuss any ideas or concerns with us, we’re always available by phone, email or on the gate most mornings and afternoons. 

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