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Celebration Assembly Pupils

V.I.P Assembly Friday 20th October 2023

(years 1 to 2)

(Years 3 to 4)

(years 5 to 6)

Sydney B- for always being an excellent role model
Archie P- for trying his best to always complete the tasks set out in provision


Frankie P – For setting an excellent example in the classroom. He is hard working, resilient and I can always rely on him to be making the right choices. 

Natalia B – For her amazing work ethic and determination in all areas of the curriculum. She is an intelligent and focussed girl who works super hard even when practising her new learning at home. 


Elliana – for always making the right choices and for being really kind to all adults and children. Elliana has lovely manners and is always so polite. I am so glad I have Elliana in the Heroes class! Keep being FABULOUS!


Grace – for bringing a ray of sunshine into the classroom every single day! Grace always greets her friends and the adults in the class with a huge, friendly smile. I can always rely on Grace to carry out class jobs for me and she is such a good role model to have in the Heroes class. Keep being FABULOUS!

Seth – Excellent attitude to work. Super manners. Fantastic role model.

Oscar W-  Working hard in all lessons. Kind and helpful around class. Fantastic role model.


Alfie W- For having a fantastic attitude to learning and being resilient when faced with new challenges and not giving up. He gives 100% in every lesson!

Sadie M – For making a fantastic start to year 3 in all lessons. She takes pride in her work and always has excellent presentation.


Toby H: Amazing leader – supporting others. Always applies himself in every lesson and pushes himself to extend his learning to the next level.


Isabelle H: Always tries his best even when she finds things difficult. Really helpful in class and kind to others.


My VIPs are Theo and Betsy. Both of them never get in to trouble, always doing the right thing, are always polite and smiley. Both go out of their way to be nice to everyone from adults to peers! 



The first person I have chosen has to be one of the hardest working, most sensible, kind, mature and lovely young man. He is an absolute pleasure to teach and I can’t wait to watch him continue to excel throughout the year. Well done Archie! 


The second person I have chosen has also wowed me this half term. He is so kind and always comes to ask my how my day has been and wish me a nice evening. His work is always completed to the highest standard and is another fantastic role model. Well done Daniel! 



Oliver D –  this young man brings a constant positivity, enthusiasm and resilience to lessons. Nothing I ask them to do in their work is too much and I love his enthusiasm and enjoyments of all lessons. He’s made excellent progress and has impressed me with his maths Skills. He also has such wonderful manners and is a role model to others.


Alexis K – She has amazed me with her effort, enthusiasm and determination this half term. She has made improvements with her times tables, her handwriting and her maths. She continually pushes herself. On top of that, she is a lovely positive and polite young lady!

V.I.P Assembly Friday 3rd February 2023



Dotty W– for growing in confidence this half term 
Ted M – For blowing us away with his reading this half term




Seth – for being organised, sensible and hard working. He always does the right thing and sets a fantastic example to everyone around him. 


Jett – for being an extremely determined learner. He always puts his hand up to share his amazing ideas and he is working hard to improve his work very day.  




Daniel for being an exemplary role model.


Belle for being such an all-round positive person in the class.






Isaac R: Excellent Role model. Super manners. Works hard in all lessons. A good friend.

William G: Working hard in all lessons. Excellent contributions to class discussions. Eager and enthusiastic in Topic Work. 




Harvey U – for working more independently, becoming more mature and having a more upbeat attitude with his learning over the last half term. 


Faye – for improving with her reading, never giving up and coming into school every day with a smile and a skip. 



Frankie – For being a fantastic role model to the rest of the class. She always sets an excellent example and tries hard in all areas of learning. SHe takes pride in her work and it is always well presented. 


Harriett – For trying hard in all her learning particularly mathematics. She has fantastic reasoning and problem solving skills and loves being challenged. She is excellent at working with others and sharing her ideas


Reuben and Emi please for always doing the right things, good listening at all times, being good role models for other children and always producing excellent work In class.   



Lily- for being a good role model to everyone around her and putting in 100% effort in every lesson. 


Amelia – for always contributing ideas and putting 100% effort into every lesson. I can tell that you really want to do well and it is showing in the amazing work you are producing!



Emilia E – for always producing EXCEPTIONAL work. She always puts in 100% effort and her working is neater than mine! She really pushes her and I am so impressed.  She is also a great friend and always has a positive attitude. She is a pleasure to teach and deserves to be VIP.


Poppy T – has amazed me with her effort and progress in everything! She is working so hard. Her handwriting is beautiful, she uses all the skills I ask for to produce superb writing and she has such a lovely positive attitude to everything! She is putting her hand up more and more in class and I can see her confidence growing! She definitely deserves to be VIP!



V.I.P Assembly Friday 2nd December 2022



Theo W and Georgie H for being very important pupils.


Emmie-Rae H- for her resilience and determination to work hard and improve her work. She always put her hand up and shares thoughtful and interesting ideas with the class.

Ed B – for his amazing work ethic and attitude to learning. He is extremely independent, kind and always tries his best. 



Oliver C – being very enthusiastic towards his learning and for being someone that I can always rely on.

Anna K- for being caring and for always having a happy smile on her face. Anna is extremely polite and is a delight to have in class. 








Lexie G- Being an excellent role model, kind and helpful to other members of the class.

Alice S- 100% effort in all lessons, excellent behaviour and kind and considerate to others.


Adriana J for always giving 100%, always trying to challenge herself and always making everybody laugh and smile. She is a true VIP! 

Isabelle H for working incredibly hard in everything she does. She has especially improved her handwriting since the start of term and mastered some very tricky y3 maths skills after weeks of practice. Isabelle is also always incredibly kind and caring to her friends, making sure nobody feels left out.


Jakub – for having a fantastic attitude to learning in all subjects and for striving to improve his output and presentation 

Ali – for being enthusiastic and engaged in all lessons with consistently well presented work and starting to share ideas in maths and literacy. 



Freddie G and Sara S
Both are for always being so positive in class and trying their best at all times even when they find things difficult.  They are both incredibly kind and supportive to other children as well and are a pleasure to teach.


Noah C for having a brilliant attitude to learning, being polite to teachers and always trying his best.

Jacob L – he has developed into a mature Y5 who is kind, polite and respectful to those around him.

Ruby E– can’t fault her – she is trying so hard in everything! She is listening, taking on board advice and really pushing herself – plus she has a beautiful smile on her face while doing it! 

Lydia H – Always puts in 10000% effort to everything she does – always writing and making notes and going above and beyond, developing in confidence, supporting her peers and always positive!


Year 1

Issac H – Always willing to undertake every task and does so with great enthusiasm..

Esmai-Grace T -For having a responsible and mature attitude.

Year 1/2

Rocco K – for having an excellent attitude to learning. He is very helpful, kind and always sets a fantastic example to the rest of the children.

Grace C – For her amazing hard work this half term.  She gives 100% in everything she does and is always kind, chatty and a friendly member of the class.


Year 2 

Sadie – for always having the correct attitude to learning.

Gracie – for being such a kind, helpful friend and for always making the right choices.



Year 3

Madison J – for working hard in all lessons, neat presentation of work, kind and helpful to others and an excellent role model.

Noah M – for working hard in all lessons, listening carefully how to improve his work, being a good friend and role model to others.

Year 3/4

Toby – for giving 100% every lesson and always helping his friends with their work. He is a very helpful and determined young man.

Aoife – for being an ALWAYS student. she always comes in with a smile on her face, always tries her hardest and always cares about the other members of her class.

Year 4 

Betsy – for a fantastic attitude to learning and massive improvements in her times tables.

Jordan – for always trying his best and starting to volunteer answers and contribute ideas in lesson.



Year 5 

Sienna B – for amazing application in lessons. Superb behaviour at all times and a super role model to others.

Gracey-May T – for superb effort and attitude in all lessons.  Fantastic resilience towards things she may find difficult. 

Year 5/6 

Illinca – for constantly challenging herself in every subject, being mature and sensible at all times and having a kind and caring nature to all children in class. Shei is a role model to everyone!

Ashlyn – for tying her best in every subject and always sharing her ideas- particularly during our space topic where she had amazing knowledge.  She is a joy to teach.

Year 6 

Zach N – for working really hard, always having lovely manners, being polite, always making the right choices and setting such a good example for the rest of the class and school.

Molly J – for really pushing herself – her attitude in class is fantastic – focused and pushing herself.  She is answering more questions in class and has a lovely positive attitude. Keep it up!

V.I.P Assembly Friday 20th May 2022


Year 1

Elena D and Oliver C for both being Very Impressive Pupils.

Year 1/2

Daniel J – for having an excellent attitude
to learning and always trying his best!

Grayson W- for showing amazing enthusiasm towards his learning. He has worked
extremely hard!

Year 2 

Charlie M – for always having such an enthusiastic attitude towards everything. His positive attitude is infectious. 

Lyla G – for being the lovely, smiley and friendly hero that she ALWAYS  is.


Year 3

Theo R- Brilliant attitude to learning. Always tries his best.
Excellent manners and a super role model to his peers.

Max E- Works
hard in all lessons and asks questions to further develop his understanding. A
good friend in class and an excellent role model to his peers

Year 3/4

Yasmina B – for being a very impressive pupil.

Daniel B – for being a very impressive pupil.

Year 4 

Scarlett G for coming to school every day with a smile on her face and ready to give any challenge a go. She has tried immensely with her times tables, which is fantastic to see. 

Emi W-  for being an exceptional all-rounder! She tries incredibly hard, helps her friends when they are struggling, shares her ideas and produces beautiful work. 


Year 5 

Pippa H – for being a very impressive pupil

Amber O – for being a very impressive pupil

Year 5/6 

Oliver R for having such a mature, sensible
attitude towards Y6. He is so kind and is loved by everyone across Y6. He is
more than ready for Y7..

Joel P for always being helpful and kind to other pupils and teachers. He is the first
to help anyone out. He has also developed in his independence to be Y6 ready!

Year 6 

Nithiesh S and Eddie I. 

I cannot fault either of them for
attitude, behaviour, manner, thoughtfulness to others, sense of humour and an extra mention about Nithiesh’s new skill of thinking inside his head!

V.I.P Assembly Friday 1st April 2022



Year 1

Jacob N – for making such impressive progress so far this year

Anna B – for always trying to be so independent in her learning.

Year 1/2

Alex B – for being such a kind and friendly member of the class. He always has a smile on his face.

Emma S –  for always being a happy, bubbly and positive member of the class. She has an infectious personality and she always tries to include children who feel left out

Year 2 

Lexie – for being fantastic and a role model

Madison – for being a superstar and always being polite and helpful.


Year 3

Oliver C – 100% effort in lessons and always trying his best.

Louie R – for resilience in lessons, lovely manners and being an excellent role model.

Year 3/4

Esmae W – for being a very impressive pupil.

Blake R – for being a very impressive pupil.

Year 4 

Gracey May – for her incredible improvement in her reading. She is working so hard in all areas and this can be seen in the amazing work she produces. 

Aliza S – for her sensible attitude in the classroom. She is focused and ready to learn in every lesson.


Year 5 

Sophie – for being a very impressive pupil

Tess – for being a very impressive pupil

Year 5/6 

Millie – for being so mature, kind, having a great sense of humour and always wanting to better herself.

David – for impressing me with his hard work in all lessons and being so enthusiastic about his work.

Year 6 

Thanbia – for always being positive, working hard and really pushing herself. A pleasure to have in class.

Phoebe – for always being polite, looking after her friends, always thoughtful and works hard. Another pleasure to teach! 

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