Useful class information:

Celebration Assembly Pupils

V.I.P Assembly Friday 1st April 2022



Year 1

Jacob N – for making such impressive progress so far this year

Anna B – for always trying to be so independent in her learning.

Year 1/2

Alex B – for being such a kind and friendly member of the class. He always has a smile on his face.

Emma S –  for always being a happy, bubbly and positive member of the class. She has an infectious personality and she always tries to include children who feel left out

Year 2 

Lexie – for being fantastic and a role model

Madison – for being a superstar and always being polite and helpful.


Year 3

Oliver C – 100% effort in lessons and always trying his best.

Louie R – for resilience in lessons, lovely manners and being an excellent role model.

Year 3/4

Esmae W – for being a very impressive pupil.

Blake R – for being a very impressive pupil.

Year 4 

Gracey May – for her incredible improvement in her reading. She is working so hard in all areas and this can be seen in the amazing work she produces. 

Aliza S – for her sensible attitude in the classroom. She is focused and ready to learn in every lesson.


Year 5 

Sophie – for being a very impressive pupil

Tess – for being a very impressive pupil

Year 5/6 

Millie – for being so mature, kind, having a great sense of humour and always wanting to better herself.

David – for impressing me with his hard work in all lessons and being so enthusiastic about his work.

Year 6 

Thanbia – for always being positive, working hard and really pushing herself. A pleasure to have in class.

Phoebe – for always being polite, looking after her friends, always thoughtful and works hard. Another pleasure to teach! 

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