Our Values

Creating our values

The Staff

To create our school values, as a staff, we listed all of the important principals we felt that our children should have.  We kept the list on a table for a week and added to it over this time.  After that, we grouped all these words under 6 clear areas which had personal, social, academic, community and health goals. 

We titled these: be happy, be caring, be aspirational, be forward-thinking, be safe and be healthy. 


The Children 

We then asked a focus group of children from each class, to look at the values and change any that they didn’t think sounded right to them or or any that they didn’t understand the meaning of.


The Parents

After the children had made their alterations, we sent the list home to the parents and carers and asked them for their ideas. They told us of any other values that they would like adding and if they wanted any wording changed. 


The Governors 

Finally, the new values were shown and agreed by the school governors.  


The Be Tree was created. 

The Branches are what we want the children to be and the leaves are what we are going to teach the children to help them achieve our values. 

Underpinning all this, at the root, is our one rule: to make the right choice. 


Each half term we have a different Be Tree Focus:

Autumn 1 – Be Happy 
Autumn 2 – Be Caring
Spring 1 – Be Aspirational
Spring 2 – Be Safe
Summer 1 – Be Forward-Thinking

Summer 2 – Be Healthy

In the assembly, we focus on teaching our children the different ways we can achieve the ‘Be’ by giving examples or reading stories.


Click the picture below to discover our values.


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