At Shawlands Primary School, we prioritise reading. We are determined that every pupil will learn to read, regardless of their background, needs and abilities. We intend to create confident readers who have the ability to develop a deep and true understanding of what they read. It is important for us that children are able to comprehend at a high level. 
We aim to create a love of reading through encouraging reading at home and working closely with parents to do this is vital. 
We use a range of reading rewards and techniques to promote a love of reading throughout school. The skill of reading underpins everything that is taught and opens the door not only to learning across the curriculum but to many other opportunities in the wide world. 
We want our children to want to read; to want to become better readers and to know that reading can be a pleasure as well as opening doors to new knowledge. 
We want our children to experience the feeling of “escaping into a good book”. 
We intend to make our school a language rich environment with vocabulary rich reading material and good quality texts for the children to choose from. All children are to be read to regularly, to ensure they are familiar with both classic stories and newer texts.

Reading Documents

Year 6's recommended reading list


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