School Closures and Remote Education

Emergency Closure.
In the event of an emergency closure before school opens, information will be communicated to parents via text through ‘School Comms’ and through X (Twitter). 
The local authority will also be notified .
For closures that happen during the schoolday, information will again be communicated via text through School Comms. 
When school closes early, all children will be required to be collected from school via an adult.  All children will remain in the care of staff until collected.
Remote Learning – Whole Class
Remote learning will start from day 2 of any school closure. 
Work will be sent home for children to complete via School Comms -email.
This will include 1 maths activity, 1 English activity and 1 topic activity.
A Microsoft Teams link will be sent out. 
Children will be able to logon and access live teaching of the activities sent.
Remote Learning – Individual
In exceptional circumstances, where children are absent from school for well-being issues such as: behaviour support, SEND or medical, then remote learning will be considered on an individual basis.  
This does not included remote learning requests for holidays in term time which are unauthorised.

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