Year 6 Enterprise

Welcome to the Year 6 Enterprise Project Showcase! Our talented Year 6 students have embarked on an exciting journey to become young entrepreneurs. This project has been a fantastic opportunity for them to develop key skills such as creativity, teamwork, financial literacy, and presentation.


Project Overview

Each student was challenged to:

  1. Design a Stall: From concept to creation, students brainstormed unique ideas for their stalls. They crafted detailed plans, considering everything from product selection to stall decoration.

  2. Pitch Their Idea: Just like in the real business world, our young entrepreneurs had to pitch their stall ideas to a panel of judges. They presented their concepts, explained their business plans, and showcased their enthusiasm.

  3. Budget and Spend: Each student was given a budget of £5 to invest in their stall. They had to make smart choices about how to spend their money, considering the cost of materials and potential profit.

  4. Create and Prepare: Whether it was baking delicious treats, crafting beautiful bracelets, preparing a sweet shop, or setting up a positive message lucky dip, the students poured their creativity and effort into making their products.

  5. Enterprise Day: The culmination of their hard work was a special Enterprise Day where they set up their stalls and sold their products to the rest of the school. It was a bustling day filled with excitement, teamwork, and a sense of achievement.

Stalls and Products

Our enterprise fair featured a delightful array of stalls, including:

  • Baking Booths: Home-baked cookies, cupcakes, and brownies, all made with love and sold with a smile.
  • Sweet Shops: A variety of candies and sweets to satisfy every sweet tooth.
  • Prize Stalls: Fun games with exciting prizes up for grabs.
  • Origami Creations: Intricate and colorful origami designs, perfect for decorations or gifts.
  • Bracelet Boutique: Handmade bracelets in a range of styles and colors.
  • Positive Message Lucky Dip: A chance to pick a surprise message to brighten your day.

Learning and Fun

This project is more than just an entrepreneurial endeavour; it is a learning experience filled with fun and creativity. Students gain invaluable insights into the world of business, from budgeting and marketing to customer service and sales.

Every year, we are incredibly proud of our Year 6 students and their impressive achievements.

Their hard work and innovative ideas always make the Enterprise Project a resounding success.

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